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Welcome to the ETHIOPIAN ART GALLERY. We offer valuable artworks, antiques as well as collectors-items from Ethiopia. Our close connections to family and friends in Ethiopia enable us to find and present these fascinating objects to you.

It is our philosophy to offer extraordinary items at a fair price-level to you and so we only present originals, produced in traditional manual work and style.

Seble Laeke guarantees for the great care in the choice of our presented articles. Being the daughter of an Ethiopian priest from Addis Abeba she came into close contact with the Christian culture of Ethiopia at very early age. Today she sees her premise in holding up the ancient art and culture by leading back to the roots and foundations of its works.

Through our engagement we want to make Ethiopia better known to the people and help to conserve the ancient traditions which are still alive today. Together with our partners we also organize exhibitions and present our items to the high interest of art-traders and merchants.

We hope you will enjoy your new discoveries in our sites!

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