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We offer valuable artworks, antiques as well as collectors-items from Ethiopia. Our close connections to family and friends in Ethiopia enable us to find and present these fascinating objects to you.

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Ethiopian head rest

Ethiopian head rest

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Ethiopian head rest

Ethiopian head rest

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Fascinating Ethiopia
Discover the oldest culture of Africa! With its old Christian traditions Ethiopia holds a unique place in cultural history. As legends tell us, it is the Kingdom of John, the Priest King, and the Queen of Sheba, the cradle of the human race and the country of origin of coffee. No other African country can compare with this abundance
of history. Especially in the north, historical sites of cultural uniqueness can be found. The fascination of the south-west lies in centuries-old traditions that have been kept by the primitive people up to this day.

Discover Ethiopian art!
In the course of the last ten centuries, Ethiopian artists created an astonishing diversity of bookminiatures, religious painting, ikons and crosses. No other Christian country is known for so many different types of crosses. In painting Ethiopia has also developed its distinctly unique character. Religious handicraft as well as traditional articles of daily use, clothes and adornment are still made by hand in the traditional and intricate way. In our online-shop we present high quality collectibles from Ethiopia.